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Financial Education Video Series

This video series was created by Friends of Tennessee’s Babies with Special Needs as a service to parents of children with special needs to help them learn to manage their financial resources to best care for their entire family. We are grateful to our talented hosts from WBIR-TV and to RIVR Media for filming and production!


Financial Education Modules

In these sessions, the financial education series is further explained through informational modules hosted by Lee Roberts, a local financial advisor with Ameriprise Financial Services. Learn how to organize financial and medical information and how to budget for appropriate spending and cashflow.


Family Encouragement Series

During the first annual Family Encourage Conference, a variety of experts spoke on topics helpful for the special needs community. Click on any of the links below to view the recording:

Keynote Presentation and Nuggets of Encouragement by Mary Donnet Johnson

Sensory Processing Disorder by Tiffani Dixon

Transitioning from Early Intervention to the School System by Jackie Campbell and David & Ginny Holmes

Adapting to “The Unplanned Journey” by P.J. Alexander

Social Emotional Behavior Strategies by Tiffani Dixon

“How Not to Lose Your Marbles” by Mary Donnet Johnson

Parent Advocacy by Beth Smith of TNSTEP

Early Interventionist Video Series

This video series was created by Friends of Tennessee’s Babies with Special Needs as a service to professionals who serve children with special needs. The series covers best practices for coaching, holding successful home visits, promoting language development, understanding unique family systems, and more.


POP: Potential, Opportunity, Power!

When a child is diagnosed with a disability, often the parents’ first reaction is “our bubble has burst!” How much more useful it is to think of a life challenge as a kernel of popcorn. It’s tough, and almost impossible to eat unless you apply some heat. And then it is transformed, releasing the delightful promise inside.


Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome Videos

This video series covers all aspects of Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS), beginning with this useful reference document on the condition. Hear from a medical professional on symptoms and health risks associated with NAS, as well as intervention strategies for dealing with the lasting effects of NAS in the lives of children.


Volunteer Training

This proprietary video created by Friends of Tennessee’s Babies with Special Needs gives practical tips and proper etiquette for interacting with children with special needs and their families.


Tennessee Disability Pathfinder

This comprehensive database offers information in English and Spanish about services across the state for all age groups and disabilities. The site is made possible by the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center and the Tennessee Council on Developmental Disabilities.

Kidcentral TN

Kidcentral TN is a state-supported website offering a one-stop shop for families looking to raise happy, healthy kids.

Tennessee Guide By Your Side

Tennessee GBYS offers emotional support following the diagnosis of hearing loss and provides information specific to hearing loss, including parent support opportunities and valuable appointment/evaluation tips. Tennessee GBYS is a joint effort of Tennessee Hands & Voices and Family Voices of Tennessee and supported by Tennessee Disability Coalition.

Cerebral Palsey Guide

Cerebral Palsy Guide is a national support organization that provides free educational materials, financial resources, and support options for families affected by this condition and other birth injuries. The organization offers guidance to ensure families receive the assistance they need to help improve their quality of life.

Sesame Street in Communities

This site has tons of resources for caregivers and professionals who work with autistic children and celebrates the uniqueness of all children. It is produced by Sesame Workshop in conjunction with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Joan Ganz Cooney Fund.

Sensory Overload Shopping Tips

From the editors of, this article, “Reduce the Noise,” contains strategies for tackling a shopping adventure with children who deal with sensory processing disorder.

“Reduce the Noise”

Special Needs Resources for Military Families

Support for military families with special-needs family members is provided through the Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP).

Estate Planning Checklist

This article covers estate planning basics for parents with children with special needs.

Creating a Backyard Sanctuary

This article from HomeAdvisor covers considerations for creating a safe and accessible play area for children with disabilities.

Adaptive Kids Clothing

These articles outlines adaptive clothing options and the retailers that carry them.

TheEveryMomThe New York PostMomtastic

Financial Planning

This feature lists financial planning tools, as well as resources and tips for finding support and navigating challenges.


More About Us

To learn more about who we are and who we serve, take a minute to watch this explainer video featuring Bill Williams and this testimonial video featuring parents of children with special needs. Anyone who volunteers with special needs children will want to watch this important training video.

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